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The idea behind LEMITEC

For his work on a specific research project, Professor Friedrich Meuser of the Technical University of Berlin required a decanter centrifuge capable of processing a product throughput of just 5 litres per hour.

During the search for a suitable lab decanter centrifuge it was soon established that a centrifuge of the type required was not yet available as the decanters built by all of the well-known manufacturers operate with a minimum throughput of between 200 and 300 litres per hour.

Great interest in the prototype of the first laboratory decanter centrifuge

The first prototype decanter centrifuge that we developed soon attracted the attention of fellow professionals who were particularly interested in small decanters. Lemitec was therefore established in 1997 to develop, produce and market the laboratory decanter centrifuge.

Today, Lemitec is one of the leading manufacturers of decanter centrifuges with throughputs of between one and one hundred litres per hour.  Our decanter centrifuges are manufactured in-house using state-of-the-art CNC mills and lathes to ensure flexibility of production. It goes without saying that our decanter centrifuges can be adapted to meet the requirements of individual customers.

LEMITEC decanter centrifuges are not only used in laboratories and pilot plants but also in industrial production processes.

We also act as consultants to R&D departments in the food and fermentation industries.

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