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Lemitec MD 80 decanter centrifuge

A modern decanter centrifuge designed for 2-phase (solid-liquid) separation operations and for product streams of up to 100 L/h.

The Lemitec MD 80 has been designed for use in pilot plants and for industrial applications.

The MD 80 decanter centrifuge can also be fitted with water-lubricated all-ceramic bearings to permit completely sterile operation.

Technical data MD 80


Decanter throughput 5 - 100 L/h
Inlet tube diameter 12 mm 
Clarified liquid discharge under pressure


Internal diameter 80 mm
Slenderness ratio (L/D) 3.85
Maximum acceleration 4,400 g
Maximum speed 10,000 rpm
Differential speed 1 - 200 rpm
Motor rating 2 x 3,5 kW
Material used for components in contact with the product 1.4404

Dimensions and weight

Decanter centrifuge 1.000 x 350 x 550 mm

115 kg
Control unit 400 x 500 x 970 mm

43 kg

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